how can i lose my weight

Answer #1

Eat right. Exercise.

Answer #2

Start a diet based on 5 meals a day and start a regular exercise. You also might want to consider dropping red meat from your diet staying to leaner and cleaner foods like chicken, turkey, etc.

Answer #3

there are so many ways. but for long lasting results what you want to do is and i found this really helpful. quit junk food, quit pop, quit fast food forever! next you want to replace it with green drinks and veggies, chicken and turkey. you might be thinking “that’s sooo gross, how can you do that?” but the thing is it might (and by that i mean you will) think it tastes nasty at first but you actually grow to like it. seriously, and it wont take long at all either. i promise, take my word for it. you will learn to love it (should be 3 days to a week. next thing you know you will look at the junk food you use to eat and you will think its disgusting. what you are doing is reconditioning your tongue on what to like.

next is the exercises, did you know that if a person works out every day for 6 months they will be addicted to it? make a commitment on working out. and you might be thinking “i hate to exercise” but that’s not thinking too positively and you wont stick to that. the way our brain works is you can ask it any question and it till come up with any answer (i know this because i’ve studied NLP for about 2 years now) so ask yourself and expect, know and rely on your brain to come up with the answer to your question “what is a way for me to work out and enjoy the process?” because if you ask yourself “how do i work out?” your brain will come up with answers but they wont be quality answers, such as “run 5 miles every day” but maybe you hate running, there are so many ways to work out and not even realize it, or like swimming.

but the way to loose weight comes down to 1 thing, not diet and exercise, change your lifestyle. and once you do that my friend, it will flood to other areas of your life too. good look friend :)

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