Can you gain weight while exercising?

i understand muscle weighs more then fat but when you workout dont you usually lose weight? cause i have been exercsing alittle everyday n i went from 130 to 135? im not really trying to lose weight im just trying to get a flat belly... and the other day my brother weighed himself and he use to be 220 but now hes 240.... and he dosent look any bigger could it be since he has started riding his bike everyday that he has just gained muscle? ha i know it seems like a dumb question but was just wondering

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Exercise stimulates your appetite, which can lead to some weight gain. Since your purpose is not to lose weight, you needn't worry about it. In the long run, increasing the proportion of muscle in your overall body composition will raise your metabolic rate, which will likely lead to some weight loss - unless your workouts are designed to build muscle mass.

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oh ok i see thank you

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My pleasure, Sodagirl {:^)

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