How can i lose weight in a month?

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Here are the things that helped me lose weight and feel healthier:
1. Eat clean, meaning nothing that has been processed. Basically, if you can't grow it, dont eat it.
2. Go vegan for a month, regardless of how you feel about eating meat and dairy this is a great way to lose weight and feel so much better. Trust me I love my eggs, cheese, and chicken! But this really dropped the pounds fast.
3. Drink nothing but water and tea! Fruit flavored tea helps with cravings late at night btw, just make sure it is caffeine free.
4. bring activity into your day. Walk more, and do fun activities instead of trying to go to the gym 5 times a week. Going to the gym is fine! Just don't rely on it for all your activities because you can get bored. For example, I have been sledding because I have to hike up a huge hill to go down again!

This is all with the limited info I have about you of course. This is just based on my personal experience and I have had great success!

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