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Do you think a girl could really beat up a guy?

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OK, so earlier this year, I agreed to wrestle this pretty strong black girl from our school's basketball team. I kinda was just playing around at first and she kinda ended up pinning me and I couldn't really get out. (see clip below) Now she's all super cocky and brags about beating me up. I told her it was not a real fight and there's no way she could beat me up in a real fight, so now she's challenging me to one. We're both gonna be in 11th next year. 1) Why do you think she's so sure she can beat me up? (is it the jock/nerd thing?) 2) Do you think she can? y/y not? 3) do you think she looks strong/tough in the clip? would you be scared?

Here's a clip of us wrestling