what's more food contains protein?

suggest some top food s which contain protein’s

Answer #1

All meats (including fowl): e.g. beef; lamb; pork; venison; chicken; turkey.

All fish (including shellfish): e.g. cod; tuna; salmon; sardines; mackerel; prawns; shrimps.

Pulse vegetables: e.g. peas; beans; soya; peanuts.

Other important sources of protein include:

Dairy products, e.g. milk; yoghurt; which are also a very good source of calcium (necessary in maintaining good bone structure);


and “cereals” e.g. wheat; corn; oats; and although their protein levels are significantly lower than those found in “animal products” they provide a particularly important source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Dark meats, such as beef, are generally considered to be less healthy (high consumption of dark meats being correlated to high levels of bowel cancer) when compared to “white meats”, such as chicken. Additional health concerns include the high levels of “saturated fat” found in most cuts of animal flesh, with high intakes of saturated fats adversely affecting blood cholesterol levels, narrowing of the arteries, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc..

Fish is usually considered to be healthier than meat, due to the lower levels of saturated fat. “Oily” fish, e.g. salmon, is also an important source of omega-3 fatty acid which is an important component of a healthy diet.

Answer #2

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Answer #3

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Answer #4

Amazingly all foods contain protein. In addition all foods contain complete protein (though not all the protein in the food may be complete). The lowest protein food I know of is apples which only have a trace (< 1%) of protein. Bananas get 4% of their calories from protein. Brown rice gets 10%, corn gets 16%, whole grain flour gets 17%, pinto beans 25%, kidney beans 27% and soy beans get 40% of their calories from protein. Whole milk gets 25%, Skim milk 41%, 75% lean hamburger gets 42% but 95% lean burger gets 71% and egg whites are nearly 100% protein. Unless you eat a pathological diet of apples and bananas it is almost impossible to not get enough protein in any diet that provides sufficient calories. There are people who are protein deficient but they are also starving. If you get enough calories you generally get more than enough protein. You are more likely to suffer the effects of too much protein (kidney damage, osteoporosis and indirect effects of crowding other needed nutrients from your diet like constipation, heart disease, cancer).

Answer #5

Nice one Fillet…Some very inetresting facts there…Estragon and you have nailed this post.

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