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I need to reveal something to a partner, but how can I say it?

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Hello, this situation is extremely embarrasing and heartbreaking. Im 25 years old and have been in a relationshio with my son's father for 7 years. Last year we broke up and I have been trying very hard to get over him and move on. Occasionally him and I will have sex, maybe once every four months. That was fine for me because my sex drive after we seperated wasnt too high and I am always busy with school, work and my son. The times him and I have sex we do no use protection. Now heres the problem. I had sex with a friend for the first time in years which was just something that happened in the moment, we did use a condom but it broke. About 3 weeks later I go to the doctor to get checked and found out my exboyfriend gave me chlamydia which I believe I may have transfered to my friend. What do I do now? How can I tell him? What is he going to think of me.. Alot of thoughts running through my mind! Help please