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why does my mom hate me

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So im 19 years old, and live with my parents. Im rarely home now a days because of school and work. So in my mind im always thinking well my mom must be proud of me, but when I get home or try to hug her kiss her or just be with her she finds a way to argue with me or push me away. She doesn't say I LOVE YOU HUNNY.... All she says is WASH THE DISHES!! Like she insults me all the time, she thinks says mean things to me all the time and IDK who else to turn too. I LOVE MY MOM she's my everything. Every little thing i do to succeed, im doing for her. So she can love me and be proud. She always thinks im having SEX or being crazy when im with my boyfriend. But that's not true. She loves to insult me and my boyfriend. Each time that we argue she threatened me that she will kik me out of the house. does she hate me =/ PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

sorry for the long question