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I feel used and threatened by a boy who raped me?

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4 years ago my parents bought me a plane ticket and sent me to Ghana. On my stay there I went to visit one of my aunties. It turns out my auntie was living with guys but they never talked to me and always ignored me. One day I left my aunties room because it was dirty and filled with sand and clothes everywhere. When I went to sleep in one of the boy's room he layed on top of me and I was scared of his intention with me. He inserted his penis inside of my vagina and was sexing me and I was secretly thinking to myself "Wow this guy has a tiny penis and I don't even feel a thing." Sometimes he would have sex with me and I wanted to tell my aunt what was going on. One day I was sitting in the living room when another girl entered the home and she was pregnant. When I asked my aunt who she was she told me the girl was his wife.And when I entered the room I saw him and his wife sitting there chatting and you should have seen my emotion it's as if he cheated on me and left me for another woman.

It's like they are trying to curse me to be cheated on the way my father cheated on my mother. I felt stupid and used and I know that boy will get what he deserves one day. That's how those Ghanaian boys are. And there was another guy in the house who was raping me as well. This one impregnated me and I was scared of what my parents would do to me because they are very strict. I was vomiting everyday until my grandmother came and picked me up and took me back to her place. Very soon I got my plane ticket and returned to New York and gave birth to a baby boy at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. Now I am a single mother raising a 2 year old boy and my family isn't helping me. No one cares about me and I was raped before I traveled to Ghana by 2 Hispanic guys but at that time I didn't get pregnant. Now I am angry because I was always single and was minding my business and when I was a teenager no guy ever dared rape me until I turned 18.

Now my family in New York and Ghana are trying to force me into an arranged marriage with the boy who impregnated me. They keep calling him on the phone to talk to me and I told them several times before that I don't like him and they can't force me to like some poor person. And whenever the guy calls he keeps talking about marriage and wanting to have kids with me. It's like he doesn't have ears. I told him I'm not interested and I will remain single till the end of time. After what the other Ghanaian guy did to me by bringing another woman he impregnated into the home he wants me to marry him? No way! I won't go down without a fight my life has been destroyed and my physique has been destroyed as well. I used to be skinny when I was in New York before I went to Ghana. Now I'm almost obese. I'm now 21 years old, 5'2 and 159 pounds but I used to weigh 85 pounds.