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How do I know if I have HPV?

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I'm so depressed right now and disgusted with myself. I have been dating this guy for a long time and we broke up about a half a year ago for a couple months. We had only ever been with each other because we think sex should be about love.

Well, I was so heart-broken during those months we were broken up and had rebound sex with someone. I'm stupid. It was unprotected sex with a player who has been with many women. I am so depressed because I always tried to value myself and all those years of saving myself was turned to sh** because of one stupid night. I cry all the time wishing I could take it back.

I am now back with my boyfriend, but I am too scared to have sex with him. I have gotten tested for everything except for Herpes and HPV. You can't test for those right? I don't want to pass something on to my boyfriend because of a stupid mistake. It has been 8 months since that one-night-stand and I haven't showed any symptoms, but I'm still scared.

If I have HPV, it could be a high-risk one and I could give my boyfriend health problems or even cancer. I could give myself cancer. I am watching my uncle die because of a bad life decision he made: smoking. But that was an every day decision he made. I have made good decision my whole life and now I have made one bad decision that could cause so many problems for me. I don't want to find out years ahead of me that I have an abnormal pap smear and have cervical cancer. I cannot live my life wondering and wondering. I don't want to put my husband at a risk. I don't want to put my baby at risk when I get pregnant someday.

It's just sooo depressing that I made this bad decision...

Is there any way I can know if I have these????