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How do i stop the pain I have during sex? (Gaphic)

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This has happened a few times for me in the past but now it REALLY hurts to have sex. Every time my boyfriend and I have sex the initial "putting it in" really hurts. Specifically the bottom part of the vaginal opening. The weird thing is it doesn't hurt anywhere else. Not the clitoris, not the top or sides of the vaginal opening, not the labia, etc. Just the bottom half of the vaginal opening. It feels like its really stretching or tearing/ripping the skin so it burns. It feels like there's lots of friction, as if I'm dry, but i know i'm wet so that's not the problem either. I want to have sex, so that's also not the problem. I went to the doctors and I've been tested for STD's and it's come back clean. I've also been having sex with my guy for almost a year now. I'm really at the end of my rope, i seriously don't know whats causing that little part of skin to burn!! I can't find any answers on the internet and i dont think it's anything wrong with my vagina because like i said i just went to the gyno a few months ago....can anyone help :(