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Am I the wrong one here?

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Ok so me and this guy Brandon have been talking for 2 yrs. we r like best friends. Well I moved schools again and our feelings for each other got Stronger.. We never hooked up..we jus sexted.. Anyways he NEVER asked me out or 'claimed' me so I as a 16 ur old single gal, snuck some guys ovr to hook up wit.. Well he found out and got really pissed at me And stopped talking to me... I tried talking to him about it and he said ' you knew how I felt about u but u did it anyway' yes I knew he liked me a lot but he had 2 yrs to act on his feelings! N since he didn't I moved on... We r talking a little now after 5 months of no talking but he answers me in one -3 word sentences... He found out that I'm moving in wit my friend who happens to be a guy and goes wtf?! And that was it. I don't understand! He hasn't asked me or anything! He's 18 but age has never stopped him b4. Ugh help. I miss my best friend:(