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Boyfriend cheats

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Last week my boyfriend went out and come back like 4 in the morning. He accidentally called me before he came back home so I heard him talking to a girl and I was sure they were in a Hotel room. When he came home he said he just met someone in lobby and talked to her. I didnt buy it..So I managed to unlock his phone and found a message saying "it was nice hanging with you last night and I would like to make an arrangement with you" etc... I told him that I know he was lying to me. So he admitted he was in a hotel room with a girl and he put a dog collar on her and pee on her...and who knows what else he was doing with her, probably has sex too. So basically he pays someone to do this kind of kinky stuff with him as I dont want to do it. I am just really confused what shall I do? Would you stay together with your partner in this situation. oh and he is constantly texting girls and flirting with them.