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is this a baby bump? I think im preggo

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So Im having nausea, period like cramps and other cramps in my sides and lower stomach. Pressure in my lower stomach as well as very light shootin paine in my sides and ribs an breasts. Im gettin cramps in my breasts as well my appetite has definitely increased bout 3 times as much as before. Im peeing more way more tired moody an craving chocolate, orange juice and salty things. Throwing up in my mouth a lot and feeling uneasy an quesy. I lose my balance a lot an get faint head aches. If I was pregnant id be almost 4 weeks or i could be 3-5 days cause I had sex 3 times. I did have my period nov 10th an unprotected sex on the 20th. Had my period dec 5th and sex on the 11th an 13th. Is this a baby bump? Im normally really skinny an toned. I also feel like someone is on the inside of my stomach stretching it cats keep laying on my stomach and when I move em they keep getting back on it my cat was also pawing my stomach and my dog wont stop following me around and cuddlin with me. Been more thirsty too..