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Omg ok so I met his guy on Facebook named Corey. He was soooo sweet n wonderful n I made sure he was real thru my friends n after I found out he was who he was I let him sneak ovr after midnight. He came to my house after 12 like 7 times Nd yes we had sex each time I warned him and told him I get attached easily.. N he said go ahead becuz he wasn't goin anywhere. Well he was amazing and perfect:). Hes 20.. I'm 16.. But I felt it! Anyways one night hE we were texting and the last thing he said was ok hun I'll see you soon. After waiting up for 5 hours I realized he stood me up.. I never heard from him again. So I google him to see of he gt arrested like I thought.. Well he did.. But 9 days after he stood me up... So I Facebook him and I find he's dating this girl Kitty. She's HoT. Mega HOT I've had a crush on her since freshman year! Well she's had a bf for 2 yrs and then she ends up wit Corey. Well I got pregs and corey was a possible father so I told him CoreY we need to talk now ! N he said leave me one I don't live the same life anymore. So I went to kitty and said I haven't had my period since before I slept wit Corey all those times and he won't listen to me so I'm pregnant and he is one of the 2 possible fathers. N she n I talked about it and god I love her she's so cool:) she's was totally understanding and talked me thru it..

Well devin the other possible father.. He n I got into a HuGE fight. I've known devin since I was 13 n he's liked me since he was 16 n I was 13 but I hooked up wit him for the first time when I turned 16.. Anyway he n I got into a HUGE fight n he said if I didn't have an abortion he'd take the baby and run. I told him I didn't want him involved at all which made him even more mad. I said thiscuz he had no job, he wasn't in college, and lived his mom still... So he told me he had a gf the night he came ovr.. He said he told me when he came ovr and he did not !! So after fighting for a while he was nice n said he wanted to have sex wit me again.. But we didn't and I said something about keeping the baby and it ticked him off.. I stopped talking to him and I lost the baby at 2 1/2 months but devin changed his number and I haven't heard from either guys since. I don't understand. What did I do wrong? How could I have kept Corey around??