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Do you think people who talk about celebrities and worry about them are sad?

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I don't know about you but I don't know why people are so obsessed with celebrities. They are just like us normal human beings. So what if they are rich and famous? Why do they waste their time bringing up Britney Spears who cut her hair and sold it on ebay for millions of dollars? That is just stupid news. I mean who cares? Who cares if Nicki Minaj can't perform? Who cares if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up? Who cares if Ashley simpson was lip syncing live? Who cares if Chris Brown abused Rihanna? She deserves it. That's why they're all divorced, heartbroken, cheated on, used and abused.

Instead of them bringing important world wide news about children dying of starvation, natural disasters, and war they are focused on celebrities who don't care about them and are only worried about getting money out of their pockets. If they met those celebrities in person, they probably wouldn't feel good about themselves and they won't even take a picture with them. Celebrities aren't attractive without make up, weave, plastic surgery and photoshop. Those magazines you read about celebrities being the sexiest alive, it's not the truth. I've seen normal human beings who are even more attractive.