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How do I know for sure if my 2 yr old son has been molested?

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Ever since my son was about 6 months or so a family member has said very inappropriate things to my son and about my son being sexy, fine, and attractive. I've told them the comments where not something you say to a child no matter their age and of course we had a fight. A few weeks went by and I started to notice odd things when I would take my son to the family members house. The family member would take my son into there room all of the time away from everyone else and shut the door, or they would hide toys in their shirt and tell my son to find it. And I would always stop it when I saw it right away. But recently my son has had to got to their house while I'm away at work and when I pick him up his pull up is sometime on him backwards or his pants are off of him and I find out he has been in their room. I have a very bad feeling about this and my son has started to tell me that the family member has played with his pee pee, and I'm starting to freak out every time I have to leave him there, and I'm afraid this might happen to my younger son. I'm not sure what to do or how to handle the situation.