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How to be STD-free?

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HPV is such a common STD. There is no test for men for HPV. They say to practice safe sex, but what about when I'm married? I don't want to have sex with a condom on. Also, I can't have sex with a condom if I'm trying to get pregnant. Even if I'm in a long term relationship I don't want to have to always use a condom. HPV could cause cervical cancer and other problems. That's a huge price to pay. Cancerous cells is NOT something I want.

So why do doctors say to go get tested to find out if you're clean? Just because a guy went and got tested and the results came back negative doesn't mean he's STD free. That just means he doesn't have any of the STDs he could get tested for. He could have HPV! The only way he'll know he has HPV is if he shows signs of it and HPV can stay dormant. I know multiple girls who have cervical cancer from HPV. That's so scary and sad. Would about herpes too? Just b/c you don't show signs of it doesn't mean you don't have it.