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3 negative pregnancy test still feel pregnant

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Okay I had unprotected sex exactly 3 weeks ago. After the sex like 3-5 days later I can't remember but I had my period it was heavy every since I was 10 I had irregular periods 3 or 4 times a year .. I took 2 hpt came back neg.. recently went to the doctor had a pee test came back neg to! But I feel like I am.. for the past 2 weeks I've been feeling soo tired my breast seem bigger not sore but bigger .. I feel sick like I have to puke on in off during the day.. I have really bad headaches. . My vagina hurts .. When I wipe sometimes its like this clear/white thick stuff.. I take a poo like everyday never have before. . I feel really light headed like im a pass out .. sometimes barely though when I eat I wanna just puke.. I dont know if my mind is tricking me making me think im pregnant or whatever is going on .. its been three weeks since I've had sex by me having irregular periods can I even get pregnant ? I just want to know what's going on .-.