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How do I get him to leave me alone?

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Okay so 3 or 4 years ago I reconnected with a person that I knew from highschool. We were never friends b4 but we got to talking and eventually I started liking him. Well he gets me hooked and then starts asking me all these dirty personal questions at the time i was too wrapped up into him to tell him that the questions made me uncomfortable. Well we were 'friends with benefits' for a while and that's all he seemed to wanna when my now current husband asked me to be his gf i said yes. I moved on. And ever since the guy is now trying to cause trouble between me and my husband. I have blocked him on skype and on my phone (calls only can't figure out how to block his texts). I've blocked him on facebook. But he constantly texts me asking me the color of my underwear and sex facts about me n my husband which i find inappropriate...i've told him this and i have even told him i wanted nothing more to do with him if he couldn't just b a friend without wanting something more. He will go without talking to me for a little while but pretty soon he is texting me again and saying that i was the one being unreasonable and that talking isn't cheating on my husband...but telling him personal details about myself seems like it to me and he doesn't seem to respect my feelings on this issue...also something i have told do i get him to leave me alone????