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Im so insecure that I refuse to be in a relationship. What should I do?

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Im a girl and a senior in Highschool and Im rediculously insecure about everything about myself. Especially my body. I constantly start diets and workouts and never get any results, and then I start to feel weak and pathetic because I cant commit to something.

Recently I've noticed I have feelings for one of my guy friends who Ive been friends with for a year, and he makes it pretty clear he has feelings for me. But even if I think about maybe starting something, I stop myself because of how much I dislike myself, and think there isnt any way he or anyone could like me, and even if they did I wouldnt be comfortable in a relationship because Id constantly feel bad about myself & wanting them to find someone better.

I dont know what to do about it. Ive even considered the possibility of being Asexual, considering I in no way would ever be sexually involved with another person and it takes ALOT for me to like a guy.

This guy is the first guy Ive had real feelings for, but at the same time I dont think it would work, and I dont want to ruin our friendship. What should I do?