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Is my boyfriend loving? Or abusive?

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Is my boyfriend loving? Or just abusive? My boyfriend always love talking of future but some things he says scare me. For example he say me "i kill you la if u ever cheat/break with me. i will rip ur skin from ur bone & watch u suffer" it is the only crazy thing he say me. he is usually very loving and spend his time with me and treat me good. but im confuse by this. he also sometime make me promise him things during sex. he will say "be a good girl ok? and i will treat u this way forever my princess. promise to be good." but if i were a "bad girl" or disagree with him earlier he will shove himself in me even if it hurts :( i dont know if he just scare that i will leave or not, what do you think? He has never hit me or anything, he always do everything i ask and is romantic but this behavior is causing me to think more of it. He is also 10 yr older than I am.