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Should I (ever) get back with my ex-boyfriend?

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I took a quiz on this and it said "Absolutely! Run to his/her house NOW and tell them that you need em back in your life because you know you can't live without him/her. You guys are meant to be." Have you ever had a gut in feeling in life? I get this one time, I had a gut feeling when I was walking into Walgreens to get the day-after pill that the woman who took my senior pictures would be in there. I had forgotten about her, yet for some reason, before entering the building I thought she would be in that Walgreens. She was.

Lately, for some reason, I felt that God was preparing me for a break-up. I was feeling less attached to my partner.

He ended up breaking up with me out of the blue. I had slept with another guy during our other break-up last October and I've always felt sick about that mistake and had to go to counseling for it because it went against my morals and religion. He knew that.

I had broken up with him last October because I think he threw a party to get with someone else. Guys tell me that's what they would have done if they weren't such a faithful guy.

I think he did actually break up with me because I slept with that other guy and he's being immature about it. We had only been with each other, so I can understand the pain.