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can someone give me relationship advice?

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Long story short. I met a girl who had a boyfriend. he wasn't there for her and I wanted to be. We started seeing eachother and we kissed and told eachother how much we liked eachother. The word LOVE was never brought up it was always just genuine fondness. She told me she wanted to be with me over her boyfriend but didn't want to lose his friendship. all of a sudden she got too busy with her job and stopped talking to me. She said she needed space and i got scared. I started messaging her a lot and it probably creeped her out. Finally she told me "i love my boyfriend and I don't know why". I thought it was because they had sex and she thinks he's the one because she sure didn't give a fuck about him when we were making out. Anyways. After that the messages I sent were more apologetic. And more towards the fact that "im not a texting psychopath. I just fucking care about you". Im completely honest with her in my messages because I don't bullshit anything. I told her she could block me or unfriend me if she hates the messages that I send but I'm just trying to help myself by expressing my feelings. She never blocked me. And I k ow she read the message because my phone tells me. Anyways. She got involved with me because this self admiting cynicist boyfriend of hers hurt her. And he's also leaving for college. How should I act as of right now? I want her to realize I've always been here for her and all she's done was pushed me away. In the end, I'd like to be with her. But is it true that if I suddenly act as if I don't care, she will realize? Give me all your thoughts please.