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I think im pregnant opinions?

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I have a 26 day cycle I had my period the 10th of nov. And I had unprotected sex on the 20th. I had my period the 5th of dec. And had unprotected sex on the 11th an 13th. I been feeling really sick to my stomach throughout the day. Nausea, throwing up in my mouth, period and gas like cramps along with other mild cramps in my sides and ribs. Sharp pains in ribs and breasts and nipples. More tired more thirsty peeing more eating 3 timez as much as I usually do. I feel pressure in my stomach as well here an there nothing gas related. My dog has been cuddling with me laying on me and wont leave me alone he follows me around everywhere which he only does if I have food. People say dogs can sense pregnancy. 30 minutez after sex last nite i went to the bathroom to pee and I had this white thick creamy ssubstance on my thongs and my bf pulled out before he came and my cum isnt like that. Do I seem pregnant? Also should I go to the doctor?