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How to deal with a homophobic parent?

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Okay so here's the problem. I am bi and my dad doesn't like it and disagrees with my lifestyle and thinks that same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to marry and whatnot. Well I have a girlfriend who I love and he doesn't like it. He told me that he doesn't agree with it. He doesn't accept it and I don't know what to do. He thinks I chose to be bi. He just doesn't get it at all. I can't get him to understand it. Now my momma has given me so much love and support and is totally okay with it. I'm just noty sure how to deal with my dad. He keeps telling me that the bible says it should be man and woman and that if we don't believe in the bible then that's our problem type of thing. I am getting the impression that he thinks I don't believe in the bible and whatnot. How can he say this kind of thing? I don't get him. He is so difficult. I was adopted and my adoptive parents don't know because they are totally old skool and would be even more against it so my dad told me that until I come out to them he is going to be this way with me, whatever that means. He is trying to force me to tell my adoptive parents and I refuse to do so. I am at a loss here. What do you all think I should do? And suggestions? I am all ears? It just really bothers me how he acts and the things he says about it. Ughh. It's frustrating.. I have kind of asked about this before but am still having issues with it and didn't really get the advice I was looking for. Anyways, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.