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Do you think he is hiding something from me?

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I don't know what to do. I'm really confused. Now bear with me on this story. It's a bit screwed up and complicated. I was dating a guy for 4 years and over the summer he broke up with me for vague reasons and peaced out of my life. Eventually, my best guy friend and I fell for each other. We both liked each other, but I didn't want to get into another relationship because I had just been in a 4 year one. Eventually, my ex came back and has been begging for me back in his life and doing so many things to prove it.

My best guy friend was having sex with a girl before me. One night over the summer, a few days after having told each other our feelings I told him I didn't want him to feel pressured to not go on dates even if he wants to because of me now.

He ended up getting an operating while visibly impaired a few days later. One time, I talked to the girl he had been having sex with and he got all worried and bug eyed, so I said it was no big deal.

When we were celebrating his birthday in November, he completely ignored her for me so I wouldn't get jealous. I told him that I'm ok with them being friends and I like her, but I do get jealous just because of the thoughts that pop up in my mind when I see her.

I had COMPLETE trust in my previous boyfriend and that trust was shattered. And he wasn't a bad guy. He was just immature and broke my heart. Same with the long term boyfriend before him.

So, yesterday I went on my best guy friend's (whom I'm in love with) computer and his facebook was up and I clicked on his notifications. He had been tagged in a photo with that girl and had hidden it from his timline. Why would he do that? Then I clicked on his messages with that girl and he had deleted all of them. Why would he delete the messages between them? I tried asking him if he's hiding anything from me, giving him an opportunity to tell me what's up, but he said there isn't anything.

He could very well just lie to me. I've also messed up. He only wants to hear about it if we get into a relationship and I feel like it needs to be said.

What do you think??? Do you think there is something going on between him and this girl? My anxiety is going thru the roof because of this :(