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do guys only want me for my boobs?

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Do guys only want me for my boobs? guys opinion please ok so lately id say the past year alot of guys have wanted to have sex with me i don't understand it! i get alot of attention and now even my best friends getting pissed off because she says im taking all the attention away from her. im 17 and mostly its guys from 17 to mid 20s. im very developed for my age im a 34 DD and i have a very mature face. my friend is getting so annoyed about it because now guys are always ringing me up and inviting me places such as partys bbqs etc and they dont ring my friend up anymore i still take her along with me anyway. but she getting pissed off and saying guys only want me because of my boobs honestly is that true? is that all guys are looking at? im quite pretty aswell ive been told im very attractive/beautiful a few times but i want an honest guys opinion are they just saying that because i have big boobs help? i understand that it would be with some guys but is it most?

p.s just want to add that im a virgin so im not easy atall