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Best way to end a water fast?

So what's the best way to break a water fast. I don't want any crap about how fasts are bad for you. I'm doing it as a detox method. Last time I ended my fast by going back to normal eating and my stomach didn't handle it well, I was sick three times.


What should my weight be?

I'm 50 years old and 6"2 ...How much should my weight be?


how can I become more flexible and weigh less for cheerleading?

ok, so I want to become a LOT more flexible. I want to be able to do a split BOTH ways. so what stretched will help me with becomiong more flexible, and help me do a split both ways? and what are good ways to lose weight for cheerleading?
and yes I do...


What are average measurements for a 14 year old girl?

My measurements are
Because I am only 5'4 and weigh 122 my friends they are all taller than me and are really skinny!!!

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What are the Kegal excersises?

I saw it on Healthy Strokes. So are they healthy and/or safe? Should I do them at age 13? How do I do them? Please tell me someone!!! Thnx!


Is it okay to jump rope everyday?

I don't get it. I want to lose weight and i've been doing some research. Some people say you should only jump rope 3 times a week while others say you can jump rope 6 days a week. Is it okay if i do it 5 times a week? Most of the time I'll just be doin...


so frustrated

after a week of working out at the gym for hours and eating healthy(I cheated on my diet two times lol), I finally stepped on the scale this morning and it says I gained 3 pounds I was so angry at myself to a point where I wanted to give up I spent hal...


How many inches should I be around my tummy?

I'm 13, 5'1. My friends all say I'm skinny but, everyone always says that! I'm 36" around the waist is that too much?

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Whats a Good Low Protein Diet?

Does anyone here know a good low protein diet they have used in past to give me please?

just a 5 day one would be great,
I know I can google it but I need a tasteful diet with a bit of variety in it..

anything will be great,
thanks heasp :-)


Working out...losing boobs

I recently started a weight training class and im losing my boobs faster than I have ever before while working out. I've become so self conscious, what should I do? Is there anyway to stop them from getting smaller?


How can I lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks?

I am 13 years old and I weigh 144 pounds. I am extreemly over weight. In 2 weeks i am going to a new school. and i do not want to be the fat girl anymore! i have had it with people pretending to puke when they see me in a bikini. I have had it with alw...

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Craving yogurt

Im craving yogurt which in the past I didnt care for. I eat two things of yogurt a day could this mean im pregnant?


Eating 5-6 small meals a day

Sooo I wanted 2 know who tried this! I tried it 4 1 day and I felt so full of energy and happy the entire day and felt satisfied but then towards the end of the day I got more and more hungry! So who's tried this, how much weight did you lose in how mu...


bigger/plumper boobs

I have pretty big boobs for a 14 year old.. but they're saggy! I want them to be fuller or plumper or stronger or whatever you want to call it... how do I do that? please help

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Will walking 5 miles every day help weight loss?

Walking 5 miles five times a week does that have good weight loss you think?


What's your exercise routine?

exercise routine? I need one can you help me?


weight lifting

im a 16 year old and im 5'8. I have been lifting wieghts for somtime now. I need help on how to gain more weight and more muscle.. am I doing this right I do 3 sets of 3 reps is that good I am 142 pounds and very athletic. my goal is to gain more weigh...


1,470 calories too much for one day?

is 1,470 calories too much for one day?


how can I have chubby cheeks?

I want to add some flesh to my cheeks without putting on weight do I do?

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Raspberry Iced Tea &and Calories.?

I drink raspberry iced tea all the many calories DOES it have.?
I've cut out sodas and such but is raspberry iced tea just as bad...I heard iced tea was good so is the extra add-on of the raspberry calorie overload.?


How much weight can I lose in 2 weeks by not eating?

i was wondering how much weight someone can lose in 2 weeks by not eating. thnx so much !


Ultra Green Lean

Where can you purchase Ultra Green Lean besides the internet?


What is a safe muscle supplement?

What safe product do you think will work for building muscle faster and stronger?


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