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how to lose 10 kg in 13 days...pls help!!!

I'm 20. My height is 168 cm(I'm not sure but I think it equels 5'6) and my weight is 64 kg.(140.8pl). I want to lose weight fast, I got only 13 days to lose weight and I want to lose 8 to 10 kg. What should I do, I really to get rid of my 10 kg!!!


How do I try to lose a few inches on my belly?

I have tried many belly dancing workouts and I get unmotivated very easily. Do you have any tips that can help me stay motivated?


How to lose breast fat

What can I do loss breast fat


How to gain weight and stop the teasing?

im 17yrs. I weigh only 37-39 kgs my hip size is 28. im very thin I eat a very healthy diet which includes lots of protein,carbohydrates and fat every one teases me that I look like a stick tell me how I should become fat please help me


Will coffee make you pooh and/or lose weight?

Right, im 16 and drink about two cups of coffee a day ( two sugars and milk ) after I drink the coffee I feel like I need a poo straight away, and before I started drinking it I would only poo like once ever three days. And can it make you loose or gai...


What should I weigh I am 66 4 foot 9inches?

I am female, 66 years of age and 4 ft 9in how much should I weight.


I want to lose 14kg in 2 weeks

how do I do it?
I know the risks and I know this sounds stupid but im not botherd. I need to do this. help me PLEASE!


How does drinking water help you lose weight?

How does drinking water help you lose weight? I thought the more you drink/eat the more you would gain (weight).


Would you say my boobs are to big for a 13 year old?

Right im 13, 14 next month and im a 36 G would you say thats to big for my age?

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How can I lose some belly fat?

how do i lose weight and belly fat, or are they the same thing? what are some easy ways to lose both?


What is a normal 13 year old girl breast size?

Just answer please.


Hod do I build my chest up

Heyy =d, I do freerunning yeah and I have a six pack and mucles ect. But my chest looks skinny :v/ I want to sort it out so I can build stamina any advise ?? Thnxs =d

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How to get rid of a bulge in my midriff?

what can I do to get rid of midrift bulge I have had two tummt tucks and it is the same I
am now think I have a medical problem as I am blooted all the time

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Am I still growing taller?

I am still 13, am I growing taller? I want to be taller, AT LEAST 6' before I am done growing completely. Am I probably done growing, or am I likely to grow a few inches?


What is my bmi??

I'm 5"3 and weight 85 pounds which is like 6st 1ib. I'm 18 and eat when I want to which is like all of the time!! What is my bmi because my computer has gone a bit weird and is freezing a lot so it is hards to find out what it is.

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Shed the pounds for the summer

I have a friend who is 13 and 128 pounds
is this normal?
if its not what can I do to help her shed some of those pounds?


Why are black and latino women thicker than white women?

I'm in middle school and I live in S.C. All of the Latino and African Americans girls are thicker than the white girls.And it's the same thing when I look in magazines and on T/V. I don't thing it's a bad thing,I just wonder why.


How can I increase my weight to 65kg from 50kg?

Am 25 and I have 50kg.
Am male and need to increase my weight to 65kg


Who knows if it's true that stopping eating will cause weight loss?

my girlfriend is worried about her weight, and she thinks that if she stops eating alltogether and she just tries to live off water she will get slimmer, can someone tell me if this is true or not? or will it just make her ill? im very worried about he...


Am I overweight at a bmi of 18.4?

my body mass index is 18.4 is that overweight?


how does one stop binge eating?

how does one stop binge eating?

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Y do I have wide stomach when im skinny

Hi I am a fairly skiny girl and I have 34b boobs but when I look in the mirror head on my stomach looks wide when I look from sideways its flat stomach it looks odd in shirts does anyone have this prob is there a way to fix it its so ugle ists like lo...

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Fat hands :(

Can someone please help...I have really fat hands and I hate them >:( im not even that fat im slim...and it embarrasses me because you nearly need your hands for everything! Help !


What causes my weight to go up and down?

One day I'll be 118 lbs and the next I'll be 121 then it will go to 123 and within the next couple days I'll be down to 117. Is something wrong with me?


Why can't I even lose a single pound?

I am 5f 9 and weigh 70kg. I put on qabout 2 stones after having my second child and am finding it extremely hard to evenb lose one pound! i have been taking wu-long tea, aplle cider vinegar and tried a low carb diet but still everytime I go on the scal...


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