What can too much sugar in your diet do to your body in the long run?

Answer #1

U can raise ur risk of becomeing diabetic

Answer #2

Sluggish, lazy fat diabetic bodyyyy.

Answer #3

Decrease the ability for a hormone to work properly Aid cancer growth and chances of getting cancer weight gain diabetes high cholesterol levels eye damage stop the absorption of protein mess up the structure of DNA heart disease and tons more. Sugar is the worlds most acceptable form of slowly killing yourself.

Answer #4

There are many health risks. Diabetes, obesity, liver disease, kidney diseases, problems in absorbing minerals, cavities, heart disease, elevated blood pressure, suppress immune system, reduction in defense against bacterial infection, certain types of cancer, problems in absorbing magnesium and calcium, Cohn’s disease, eye sight, hormonal imbalances, etc. There are so many more long term health effects.

Answer #5

dont do it! being diabetic sucks big time!!! i should know!

Answer #6

DIabetes is the biggest issue and VERY common! Sugar is something to be avoided! Do you feel like you are addicted to sugar? I was, so I learned to replace it with herbal teas that tasted like candy that helped a lot. You could also be lacking chromium that is a huge mineral that is lacking in people who constantly crave sugar.

Answer #7

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