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How can I stop cravings for chicken and why am I getting them?

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Usually I would answer this if somebody else asked it but when it's me with the problem my mind goes blank and I don't know the answer!! As most of you that know me, know, I have been vegetarian most of my life. I have never had any cravings for meat, and I live a healthy balanced lifestyle. But lately (the last month or so) I have been having daily cravings for chicken. No other meat just chicken. It's the most uncomfortable feeling, it's not a hunger, and it's not that feeling you get when you feel like a certain food or get that want for chocolate or candy. It's really intense and I do not like it. I do not want to eat chicken, but my body seems to want to. I would like to know if anyone knows how to get rid of this horrible feeling without actually eating chicken because obviously I am not going to eat it. I'd love any advice or stories on similar situations. Thank you for reading