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Nausea and morning sickness!

Is there anything I can buy at the store to help with the nausea.
Its so awful I just cant take it, my stepmom told me about an all natural dissolvable thing you can put under your tounge. Just wondering if anyone knew of any other suggestions.


Condoms =]

So umm.. Yeah what wud be the safest condoms to buy??
&& liike have yall triied the pleasure pack?
Iif you have does iit feel liike good? Lol
But yeah please tell me...
Ii been wantiing to try those...

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Does the Flip camcorder have a recorder?

I'm thinking of buying a mino or an ultra. I want to video tape myself singing but I don't know which one is better for that and wont make much of a buzzing sound...please help.


sunblock or sunscreen?

I don't know which 2 get. which one is better? is there a difference? I dont wanna get any darker I like my skin complection already...imma caramel thats why im looking 2 buy some


What to do if I may be pregnant?

ok so I just turned 15 the other day and I might be pregnant but im not positive. I havent had my period yet and I should of already had it. I dont want to say anything to my mom or my sisters. what should I do. how old do you have to be to buy a pregn...


How much Pepsi is too much?

you know how people are addicted to smoking and drinking, well i'm addicted to pepsi.'i usually have about 3 cans (355ml) a day when i buy it in packs. is that ok. also i excersize quite a bit to stay active so does pepsi affect that at all??


How can I soothe anxiety?

I have a lot of anxiety over school, and I have trouble sleeping at night because of it. Even in the day time its sometimes bad, I can feel my heart beating fast.. Does anyone have any suggestions to cure my anxiety? or does anyone suggest any natural ...


Which birth control do you recommend?

I've been looking at different types, like injections, patches, pills, and implants, but I want to know what other people think before talking to a doctor so I have a better idea of what to ask about. So, what have you tried, what works best?


How can I stop thinking about Hash?

I've been smoking Hash for the lat couple of years, I traveled away, cause I believed that my friends were bad influence, and they are supporting me to buy and smoke it ... when I came back, I really cant stop thinking about it... reasons, or solutions...


What can I do about the shape of my boobs?

I think my boobs are a disgusting shape. when I wear togs I have no clevage and are really disgusting. my mum wont buy my new bikinis, so I am still in the kids ones and these give me no support and make me feel self concious because the shape of my bo...


Why Do I Sweat Loads?

It's so weird, but I feel like I sweat too much! I don't mean I'm soaking or anything...but I just don't like it .I have to buy tops with are long under under the underarm. I used to use spray deoderant, but my mum told me 2 use roll. Is she right? Adv...

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why do I think im addicted to alcohol?

ok, im too young to be pretty sure that im addicted to alcohol. I like to drink, and I get my mom to buy it for me once in a while but now she doesnt want to do that anymore and im scared...I hide extra vodka, oir whatever in my room so she cant find i...


Blood Tests... Painful...?... Nah

I had a blood test the other day for the first time, and I had heard how loads of people were afraid of injectiions and stuff, so I thought that it would be really painful or something. We went in, no fasting or anything, my mum had to leave because sh...


How long does crack remain in your system?

My niece reportedly smoked crack earlier this week- Tuesday or Wednesday. She was contacted about a job and has to take a urine drug test on Tuesday of next week. Will this drug be out of her system by then? If not, what is the cheapest product; if any...


Watery disharge - missed period

My period is 2 days late and I have very watery discharge. I had a hCG blood test done yesterday and it was negative. Is it possible that I could be pregnant even thou the test was negative and is it normal to have watery/white discharge before you sta...


Is six days after fertiization too soon for a positive pregnancy te

Assuming you know the exact day you have intercourse, and fertilization occurs, can you take a urine pregnancy test six days later and get a positive result. Or does it need more time for implantaion to occur before enough HCG will develop?


Does baby oil help get rid of lice?

my niece came back from another state she was there for about 7 months.
she came today i spotted head lice.
the store is currently close to buy the treatment. :/
but i heard baby oil works.
is it true?
just until tomorrow.


What is it like when you have teeth removed - is it really painful?

I'm having two molars taken out, one from each side. Will it be really painful. I am having local anesthetics and will the injections hurt? Also how long will it take to heal and before I can eat properly again. Im really scared as I've never had surge...

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How can I get rid of my aching throat?

My throat hurts and its hard to swallow and talking is uncomfortable. I have plans next week and I need it gone by 2 days!!! I prefer not to go to the docter or buy anything for my throat like pills. HELPPP!!!

-xoxo thanks


Are there home remedies for stomach viruses?

I am going to go shopping tomorrow and I was wondering if there was something I could buy to help me through the nausea from whatever stomach virus or bug has gotten to me. Is there home remedies that I could use to make myself feel a little better? ...


How is it possible? <b.c question>

How is it possible to become pregnant on birth control pills if your late taking one or miss one since it takes atleast a few weeks to get back into the cycle of ovulation again? I'm really confused and how would you know if youve started ovulating aga...


Why Periods after taking iPill (an Emergency Contraceptive Pill)?

I had protected s*X on 5th day of my periods, tried many times to inject in me. So to be on safer side, I took an iPill, which is an ECP here in India.

But after 7 days I m getting my periods again.
I m woriied , pls help why is this happening , is...


Who knows what im talking about? Read this:)

Anyone who has used persa 10 gel by clean and clear or know someone who has used it. How did it work? And I hear soething about sunscreen? just wondering if its hard to keep up with before I buy because it sounds like it requires a lot. Help wil...


how to prevent chaffing?

its really annoying ok i need answers quick tommorow im going to beach and i always get chaffing and i cant buy shorts that are skin tight to go under my boardies and over my swimmers(so its a no)and its bettween my legs on the inner upper thigh no not...


Lately I've been feeling really tired and my back and shoulder has

Lately I've been feeling really tired and my back and shoulder has been aching, now my nibble has been feeling sore and frequent urinating, I waited 2 weeks and took the pregnancy test and it came out negative. Did I take the test too early and my HCG ...


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