How would you know you broke your pinky finger or fractured it ?

Answer #1

Typically, if you can move it, then it’s not actually broken but rather has some other kind of injury which usually just has to heal on it’s own.

Answer #2

broken bones mean the body part will be limp and immovable, will swell profoundly, may or may not turn black (internal hemorrhaging) Oh by the way, you are actually asking the same thing (as a fracture IS a break) i believe you mean a sprained finger, which is just damage to the muscle or tendons and not the bone itself :O

Answer #3

even if you just fractured it, it will hurt and you will think it is broken lmfao so xray at the doctors would be the best way to go

Answer #4

I broke my pinky one time and it hurt at first, but i could move it and i thought it was just fine. The next day i woke up and my whole hand was blue so we went for an xray and it was broken in 2 places. So the only way to know is if you get it x-rayed. Everyone is different. Sometimes it won’t swell, and it won’t turn blue or hurt, and it still could be broken. So don’t listen to the other comments…

Answer #5

My pinky broke at the end knuckle, during the bus accident I was in. I had to many severe injuries for the EMT’s to see this. So that last digit is bent inward & down.

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