How do you get the smell of alcohol off of your breath?

Answer #1

Eat food,candy,or mints. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash lol

Answer #2

brush your teeth and use alot of mouthwash cuz its gonna be kinda hard the the smell is coming from ur breath cuz u drank it…so maybe try eating something.

Answer #3

I usually brush my teeth then put mouth wash, Then drink a coffee

Answer #4

Obviously brush your teeth and eat a mint. If that doesn’t do the trick, eat sour cream and onion chips and/or eat something with garlic or garlic taste.

Answer #5

Try dentine ice I hear those things are really menty

Answer #6


The truth of the matter is you CANNOT GET IT OUT! alcohol breath comes from the alcohol in your blood circulation evaporating through your lungs (or something like that) !!!

Trust me i’ve tried everything but my mum always knew i had snuck in a drink or five :P

Answer #7

Try Violets. They come in candy tablets or gum, it masks the smell of cigarettes or alcohol.

Answer #8

Well if you chew up enough cloves of garlic it may not completely mask the smell of alcohol, but for sure nobody is going to come close enough to you to want to find out…LOL

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