Why have I had a cough for over 7 weeks?

Answer #1

because your most likely sick…dude go see a doctor instead of posting it here…use common sence

Answer #2
  • sense…. & I’ve been to the doctors several times, he’s said that it was just a cold. I’ve been given medication and it’s done f*k all. And so I was just curious to ask on here…. Is that such a problem?
Answer #3

Because you are still eating ice cream and drinking coke.

Answer #4

It’s actually not uncommon for a cough to last for several weeks after a cold has generally cleared up. A chronic cough can easily last more than 8 weeks. What’s important is your health overall. If you’re breathing easily and you aren’t coughing up blood or thick green sputum, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Some people have actually dealt with coughs that lasted a year after a bad cold went away.

Answer #5

Oh okay, thank you

Answer #6

Damn, that was supposed to go on facebook -.-

Answer #7

lol … I could delete it, but I’m so not going to because it’s classic :P

Answer #8

then u go to different doctors…not all doctors will give the same answers trust me on that.

Answer #9

Note that a persistant cough occasionally is a side effect of medication. I know because it happened to me, so IF you have been taking anything regularly, ask your doctor if that might be the cause.

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