Could an old woman get pregnant if she doesn't use condoms?

Answer #1

Probably if her tubes aren’t tied or if her body still is in function lol

Answer #2

Depending on how old you mean, it is possible. I believe the oldest woman to get pregnant was in her 60’s. That is rare though. As women age past their prime, their chances become less and less. Women are most fertile in their early 20’s. 35 is usually considered the line between healthy birth and pregnancy problems and complications. 35 and later is when fertility rapidly decreases and when it is more likely for a problematic pregnancy and miscarriages.

Answer #3

If the “old woman” hasn’t fully reached menopause (no longer able to ovulate) then yes she could get pregnant.

Answer #4

That is very rare for an old women to get pregnant, and typically if they have gone through menopause, it is basically impossible.

Answer #5

All depends if her Ovaries are still creating functional eggs.

Answer #6

If she hasn’t hit metopause.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Depends how old she is and if she’s gone into menapause.

Answer #9

If she is still ovulating, yes. Otherwise, no, at least not in the natural way (as opposed to a medically induced pregnancy using science derived methodology).

Answer #10

If there aren’t any busted pipes or cobwebz. Lol 8D

Answer #11

if she has been through menopause.. no

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