What toothpaste is better to buy?

I dont mean brands, but i was looking for a good toothpaste, but there are a lot of toothpastes with different things, i finally i think i will choose this one with baking soda and tartar protection, but the other one says baking soda with peroxide, so what do you think is better baking soda with tartar protection or with peroxide if you know any other that you like tell me please thank you.

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Colgate Gel is what I use. I used to use the paste, but after hearing that it takes the color away from your teeth, I don't use it anymore.
Baking soda is far the best way to use as a cleaning source, also helps greatly for brushing your teeth, with tar protection.
Sooo anything along the lines of gel toothpaste or baking soda brands ;)
Good Luck!

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Fluoride is toxic and is attributed to many health and mental disorders. You can also find many good recipes to make your own natural toothpaste for a portion of the price (without toxins)

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You should buy Aqua Fresh

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If you have sensitive, use sensodyne. Thats what I use:)

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