How can I help this heartburn I've been having go away?


Answer #1

Tums :3

Answer #2

Prilosec! It helps amazingly

Answer #3

you can get heart burn tablets , i was gunna say drink milk but thats for acid lol

Answer #4

Don’t eat spicy foods luls, and tums :)

Answer #5

Baking soda.

Answer #6

Prilosec. Talk to your doctor about getting you started on it.

Answer #7

I don’t want to get started on anything o-O I have just been having a bit of heart burn from bring sick and my eating habits.

Answer #8

Right! Baking soda us awesome it does everything xD

Answer #9

Yes :3

Answer #10

watch what you eat.certain foods can cause it.i notice when i eat a lot of junk food i always get it. but a glass of milk always seems to work:)

Answer #11

prilosec otc! …i see commercials all the time! I know your diet can have something to do with it too…maybe cut down on spicy foods and soda?

Answer #12

If you are getting heart burn a lot, try and remove the acidic food from your diet. This would be wine, many sauces (including tomato sauce), spices, and citrus juices (orange). I hope you are feeling better.

Answer #13

small cup of water with one lemon in it and half a teaspoon of baking soda

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