What could cause the tissue (tendon) in the arm to be swollen or have a lot of tissue?

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well Lateral epicondylitis {aka tennis elbow} come from over use or strain of the tendons, Direct trauma to the tendons or inflammation from infections, as a matter of fact, there is no generally agreed reason as there are far too many :O

now the tissue part is a bit more tricky, tendons are unrepairable so when they rip they stay ripped and never fully heal this causes the ripped part to fill with blood and over time (if untreated) causes the blood to coagulate and either turn into unusable mass of flesh or worse, the cells start turning to bone (calcification) which in turn makes the arm hard to move

also, degenerative muscular or bone diseases also cause calcification as the mass takes the place of the once usable tendons or the tendons themselves calcify and become unusable

physical therapy (note: NOT MASSAGES) can help to stop the forming of this mass/calcification and in the second case (ripped tendons) while if the tendon is strained it requires rest... and the 3rd case is untreatable

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Excess Fat...and A Lot Of It!!!!!

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