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How to survive a breakup

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How can I become anorexic without my friends knowing?

does anyone have any tips


Is it normal to get your period while pregnant?

I was wondering when your prego is it normal to still get your period I was just wondering

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Why is my period this colour?

So I just started my period today:( bleqq bad and I relaized it's actullay like a dark brown instead of red? Does anybody no why it's this colour?!


Am I suffering from depression?

I’ve just graduated from a primary school to a secondary school . Everything gone well until I started to go in a relationship with someone from other school .
We were happy back then but I didn’t feel comfortable with the relationship because he sile...


Why so sick?

Well on friday I went to movies with few mates we watched new moon it was mad anyways I had few chips and lollies only little bit during movie felt bit sick so stopped eating but I was fine that afternoon and yesterday (saturday) I was so tired I cudnt...


Can you get pregnant if you don't have your period yet?

I am 13 and don't have my period yet can you get pregnent without a c*ndom if you don't have your period?

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Iam 231 and my goal is145 in two months any advice


Losing sleep

My sleeping pattern is really weird, and its really affecting my health... I'm eating a lot less and my grades are going down... Any advice?


What are steroids?

What are steroids?


how come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?

..iz it real bad or just normal?


Married couple with Multiple Sclerosis

Has anyone ever heard of a married couple both being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? My hubby and I met 19 years ago, and he was diagnosed in 2000, and I was diagnosed in 2007. Seems so strange to me, we are "soul mates" because we met on a blind ...

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If you're aneamic can you miss periods?

If your aneamic can you miss periods? Xx


Why does my pee look like chicken noodle soup?

uhmmm... this is awkward to ask... but its bugging me

My pee is the colour of chicken noodle soup and just as translucent..

Is this normal?


How can I get my life back together? (read more)

Please don't judge me too harshly...

After my Father left when I was 7 when I "officially" started with stealing from stores and lying to everyone. Then a year or so passed... I stopped stealing then. 9-ish, I started burning parts of my arms, and t...


Pot and xanax

I have not smoked in 4 months or so. Last night I took 4 hits of a blunt and took a 1 mg xanax. How can I get this out of my system quick? Since I have quite for 4 months and only took 4 hits will it get out quicker??? And what about the xanax I took w...


What happens when two people with different blood types have children?

Are there certain blood types that aren't compatible that can cause issues with the child, like retardation or anything of that such?

(And if you find it somewhere on the internet can you please tell me where you got the information?)


How to get rid of it if I'm pregnant?

Im thinking that I am. I am getting a test this weekend. I am really scared seeing that im only 15. Me and my boyfriend decided that we dont want to keep the kid if I am Pregnent.
If I am, Is there anyway to like kinda,,... Get rid of it..


Why did I want to drink the blood?

Ok, the other day we were doin a dissection in science, and when I saw the blood I had an odd feeling like I wanted to drink the blood, to stop the feeling I had to wash my hands and step away from the experiment. Now im worried and confused, whats is ...


Do you have to be a certain weight to get your period?

I heard from somebody you have to weight around 105 pounds to get your period. I am thirteen, very petite, short, skinny, and SMALL boobs. I am like 75 I want to say. Naturally, with staying on the same diet how long would you estimate for me to get ar...


Why do my boobs hurt when I walk down the stairs?

Or even walk? I'm not on my period so they aren't tender from that, but everytime I get out of bed they hurt. I wasn't lying on them, just lying with my back propped up against the back of my bed. And I walk slowly down the stairs, but they still hurt!


How to know if the condom has ripped?

how do you know when the condom has riped when it is inside?...what is something that will make it rip?

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Whats the most amount of ibuprofin you can take?

I usually take percocet for my chronic back disorder,along with muscle relaxers, but im all out of both until tomorrow,when I cna get my new perscription. How many 200mg of ibuprofin can I safely take, but still have a big decrease in pain?
No, im not...


How many pounds are there in 1 kilo?

How many pounds are there in 1 kilo???

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can prednisone cure hives

does anyone know if prednisone can cure hives?? I went to the hospital and the doctors did not give me anything for it.. I was wondering if prednisone cure hives..



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