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Why do I cry when I cough?

I have a cold btw. Just from my left eye like legit tears


leg twitches/jerks

Over the past few weeks my legs have been twitching, but only while sitting down. I don't actually know if it is twitching or jerking, but it if was jerking, then kindof minor jerks. I feel fine so I don't think it is connected to anything else I hav...


How to fix a bump on my head?

I Was spinning [Dont judge me] and I fell and hit my head on a radiator it really hurt, it was black for a second and then I sat on my sofa for a while I did not take pain killers but it really hurts and there is a lump on my head and it hurts to touc...


Is it okay to do sit ups while trying to get pregnant?

We are trying for a baby. But at some time I am trying to shed a few pounds. Is it ok to do things like sit ups, skipping etc?


Does Tetralysal 300 cause loss of appetite?

does tetralysal 300 cause loss of appetite ?
I've been prescribed it now for about 5 months
and recently I cant eat a proper meal without feeling or being sick
thanks to anyone who replys.


can I shrink my height?

I'm 13 and I'm 5'6! I'm afraid imma keep on growing. the doctor sayd I wasn't anymore. but then other people say I'm going to grow till I'm 18! imm soo scared to grow a lil more! I need to find a way to shrink!


pain in my side?

Okay, Not to long after I start runnning or jogging.
I get this pain in my left side, its like a cramp..
And I have to stop running cause it hurts to bad.
Even if Im not out of breath, I still have to stop.
Any Idea what it could be?


What is the wet clear stuff in my underwear and will it go away?

I have really wet clear stuff coming out of my has no odor,or color.


Regain memory after hangover?

I want to know about hangovers.
Will it damage your brain if you drink to much?
How long would you be out (sleeping)?
How long after waking up would you have an hangover?

Would you not remember what happen after you wake up?
If so how long befor...


Why is sleeping under moonlight unhealthy?

I'm not sure if this is true, but when I was a little girl my mom would always make sure that we couldn't see the moon from the window because she said it could make us sick. is this possible? I've searched all over the web if sleeping under moonligh...


Why is my penis so small im 16 ?

Im 16 years old and my penis is only 2 inches hard my girlfriend laughed at me and broke up with me as well I dont like it is thair enything I can do to make it bigger ? without telling my parents

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What is going on with the vein under my armpit?

I had a pimple about 3 weeks ago under my armpit and notice 1 1/2 weeks ago this long stringy feeling under my armpit. I went to the doctors and they said it is a vein. Since then I have felt a little numbness and tingly feeling in my arm, but not al...


Should I still be worried with a negative pregnancy test?

okay so i finnaly took the test im a week late with my period and the test came out negative should i take it again or should i just leave it alone??


What is cervic cancer

What is cervic cancer?


Questions about getting braces

Okay so I'm getting a retainer in a few weeks, but after that I need two teeth taken out.

I'm SO nervous, I have a massive phobia of needles. Can someone tell me what happens and if there's any pain?

Also I need fixed braces in a few months, does it ...


milk is coming out my breast but I just got my period?

milk has been coming out of my breast this whole month very little but its milk,so I was so sure I was pregnant ,but now I just got my period? am I pregnant? im going to see a doctor but im out of town so I need advice now ?


What does sweating on the nose mean?

I've heard that if you sweat on the nose normally it means your evil or mean.

Whats the origin behind it?


How much chance of survival is there on a ventillator?

My sister collapsed because she couldnt breathe because she has really bad athsma and now shes on a ventillator.

Im so scared. No-ones telling me what's going on, what it does, and what the chances of survival are. I just know its serious.


Why did I throw up from one shot?

So I am a huge alcoholic.. But last night for some reason I barely had one shot and I puked ... I don't know why my body jsut rejected it!! I dont understand what happened.. Some people say its because im pregnant.. But I highly doubt it


What can I do - arthritis in my jaw joint

I have arthritic changes in my jaw joint and it is really sore. It has come from chewing gum for years I think - I have stopped this now and am wondering what else I can do to ease the symptoms, make the pain go and hopefully get rid of the arthritis. ...


How do people get arthritis?

the doc. said my mom has it and theres NOTHING that will make it go away?


Would an ulcer affect your period?

I've been feeling really bad lately. I thought they were pregnancy symptoms, but negative tests. Somebody mentioned I could have an ulcer, so I looked it up and kind of have the symptoms of one. Anyway, I'm going to the doctor, and getting a blood test...


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