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How to survive a breakup

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How much is the morning after pill?

How much does the morning after pill cost, and where can you get it? And how old do you have to be?
Also if you know. How much does it cost?


Stomach ache and hurting by the lips before period?

So I'm really concerned. Every morning when I wake up, my stomach hurts really bad and I don't know whats going on. Plus yesterday if I got in a certain position on the bed I would feel like a knife was driving through the part in between my thigh and...


How to trick husband into getting pregnant

My husband wants another baby but I keep saying that I'm not ready and we need a house before we even try. But I want to surprise him with pregnancy when I am ready but don't want him to have any clue about it. How can I do it? And again, he wants it b...


Caffeine and spaced out feeling

Every time I drink coffee I seem to get tired and feel like I am high I cant think straight and feel kind of spaced out why is this?


Diabulemia information

I was watching Dr Phil a few weeks back and he had a girl on there and she had been diagnosed with diabulemia. She was a diabetic, and she had to take shots for her sugar. When she would gain weight, or decide she wanted to lose it, she would skip her ...


normal for a vagina to get really wet like extremely often?

Is it normal for a vagina to get really wet like extremely often? even when you did nothing to make it wet? and what if its really white and milky...? lol this question is grossing me out but I need answers

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Butts--jiggly and voluptuous

How do I get the famous porn star butt?

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How come my feet feel tingly when i do a toe-touch ?

Like , when i do a toe-touch or pike , my feel feel numb & weird for a second then when i get back down its gone . Also when i raise my arms , it happens in my hands . The hands thing happened for the first time today & the feet thing almost always hap...


Why do I feel so weak

I dont know what... Im not sick or anything, I just feel really drained lately... And I really noticed it today during hockey, because I couldnt even do a hour practice without sittin out for a bit
Any ideas on how to get my energy back, or whats caus...


Is 6 inches long too small for a 13-year-old?

I'm 13 and I'm 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. Is this small?

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Dizzy, stomach ache, body aches, tired ...

Lately I've been having troubles with my stomach. For the past year or so, I always feel sick to my stomach when I wake up.

For the past week or so I've had diarrhea (off and on.) I thought it may have been caused from something I was eating (milk)...


I think I have a uti

I think I have a Uti, my pee is semi-cloudy and I have to uranate frequently except I cant. So I drank 2 big glasses of cranberry juice and now the feeling is gone, but should I still go to the doctors or have I already flushed the infection out??


perfume down there?

okay... I put perfume down tehre, but it burned and I put vagaciel on it..
so im fine right??? nothing will be wrong w/ my period or anything?


If i get butt fucked will i get pregnant?

ok well me and my boyfriend Butt Fuc*ed about like 2 weeks ago.. and I was on my period. while me and him were doing that, I had a tampon in.. he didnt cum into me. although he was probably precuming a little bit. we were using lube.. and his precum...

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What do they do to people who want to kill themselves?

What do they do to you if someone says you want to kill urself? Will they like arrest you? Or put you in a psych ward? I always kindof wondered what happened to people like that.. Like if your suicidal are they going to sign you up for a therapist or l...


worry about if you can't be cured if you have MRSA?

is there anything to worry about if you can't be cured if you have MRSA?


How do I get rid of pimple scares?

I've had pimples on my whe face
Went to my town doctors they gave me a pimple face wash, now the pimples have stopped popping out and there is hardly any pimples in my face
But the pimples have left the scares
My skin is brown and it shows
Does ...


What would this be a phobia or just neatness or what?

When people pass papers to me I expect them not to have one wrinkle or bent edge on them if they do I don't use the paper I get another one. Would this be apart of a neatfreak thing or like paperphobia?


How can I calm down pregnancy hormones?

As of tomorrow I'll be 10 weeks pregnant - I'm having a lot of hormone problems right now, some days I just hate everyone and its not fair to my friends and family. Yesterday my boyfriend and I actually broke up for the first time, ever, and it was the...


How can I just be happy im very depressed?

Okay so im 17 and going through so much im so stressed its my senior year and im might just drop out because I barly go and my grades are horible and I have no friends anymore but I just want to be happy it's a lot more stuff going on but I don't want...


Can anyone help me out

I still feel weird. And I am trying to quit smoking. Will it ever stop or am I stuck like this?


What/ Is it true smoking kills your tastebuds?

I once was told that smoking kills your taste buds

if this is true then do you regain your taste buds when you stop smoking?
and why does smoking do this?
and how bad can it get?


My scalp is itchy!

My head is itchy on the scalp where I am losing my hair. It has itched terribly since I started losing it. I have used all the "dandruff" shampoos and no luck yet. Is there something out on the market that will keep my head from itching or is baldne...


my left nipple and boob really hurts, what is it?

okay, so my left nipple and boob really hurts, im 15 and started my period when I was 10, my boobs are quite big awell so I dont think there growing, my nipple ges flakey and really sore, I dont really know what it is, and I check for lumps, but dont r...


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