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How To Lose Around 100lbs. Over The Summer?

Me And My Friend Have Set A Goal.
We Want To Loose, Eh Something Around 100 lbs.
Can You Give Me Any Good Diets, Excises (Etc.) And How Long To Do Them For???


How to stop being so fat?

im 13 (nearly 14) and I think im fat. I am very athletic and train around 13 hours per wk. even though I exercise a lot I am still gaining weight but not a lot. people say that muscle weighs more than fat but when people see me they say I've gained wei...


Correct weight for me

I am above 5 feet
But not 5'1 inch yet I think
My weight is 56 kg!!! :(
How much should I reduce?
How can I convert kg into lb?


does the ab circle pro work??

does the ab circle pro work??? I want to lose weight (im not the skinniest person ever). and I dont always trust what I hear on the commercials. if anyone has used it can you tell me if it's good :)


How come my sisters got them?

I'm 13 and I'm flat chested. I know that when my older sister was 13, she actually had something there! So why haven't I got anything? Its really getting me down and I feel like a total freak. =(

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What is the best way to lose weight?

I am 5'7 and 145lbs. I would like to get down about 10-15 lbs by Feb. I would like to start doing some exercises, I walk about 15-30 mins a day, (I have a dog and she has to be walked). I am going to start a diet too. Do you guys know what kinda wo...


Should I starve myself to lose weight?

If you want to lose a lot of weight and fast should you just starve yourself even though you love food and you cannot leave it?


Why does my skin feel like its tearing?

Im a cheerleaderand I stretch everyday. I can touch my head to my left leg but when I try to my right the skin on the outside of the crease of my knee stings and feels like its ripping. Why does this happen?


I am 14 and I weigh 140

I am 14 years old and I am extreamly overweight and I am tired of being the fat girl. my boyfriend is embarrassed to be seen with me. I have 2 weeks before this pool party and I wanna be looking good. I weigh 140 pounds and need help! Can anybody help ...

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How can I hide my tummy?

Im worried I wont be able to lose it all by the time school starts in 3 weeks or what ever...

last year I usually wore tights and pulled the topp art up as far as I could. but then it would start to fall down at school and I couldnt pull it up right t...


Too Skinny and need more meat on my body

Hi im 14 and im 5"1' and I only weigh 84 pounds. I dont wanna go into highschool looking like a sixth grader. I just want to gain some weight to make me look healthy, and feel healthy. But I dont want to gain weight in an unhealthy way. I like the figu...


Which weighs more: muscle or fat?

Does 1 lb of muscle weigh more than 1 lb of fat?


Lose 5 pounds?

So I want to lose 5 pounds. And I know that is not a lot ha! But I want to. And I don't know how. Well I do but I don't know what I can do different than I have been doing forever ha and I am 15. Hah I play volleyball for school almost every day and I ...

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Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?

Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?


I need motivation

hey people, I need help. im trying to loose weight and I need a lot of motivation and advice. well im 13 years old, I weigh about 220 pounds sadly :( and my goal is to weigh about 130 pounds, so I would be loosing around 90 if I did the math right lol,...


How can I get thicker in the thighs at 13?

how can i get thicker as in the thighs

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Should we blame america for the problem of obesity?

Should we blame ameica for the problem of obesity?


How do you translate stones in to pounds?

how do you translate stones in to pounds like 11st n 12lb how do u make dat like 114 lbs or woteva?

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is this true 15-20 reps to get ripped and burn fat?

15-20 reps to get ripped and burn fat (bicep curls)
6-8 reps to get your muscles bigger (bicep curls)
moderate reps to build and maintain muscles 10-12 reps (biceps curls)


5'7 and I weigh 100 pounds and im 17 to skinny??

im 5'7 and I weigh 100 pounds and im 17 years old do you think im too skinny??

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Calorie Intake VS. Calories Burned

I read somewhere that if you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight. Or is it if you eat over your daily calorie intake and don't burn off the extras, you gain weight? I'm confused. Do I have to burn off everything I eat?


Healthy food choices

Aright well heres my situation, when school starts up, which it has, I starts my workouts everyday after school for around 2 hours maybe even more and I get really hungry, but I've comited ot only eating healthy foods, so basically in the morning I hav...


hide fat tummy starve thicker thigh fast lose 100 pound summer stone 114lb lingerie hide belly fat