Which part of the egg has the most protein and is better for you - the yolk or the egg whites?

Answer #1

No this egg yellow

Answer #2

What are you talking about?

Answer #3

The egg white has more protein in. The yolk is mostly fat

Answer #4

He’s been trolling on a lot of questions.. I’d just ignore him to be honest

Answer #5

i agree with Natalie the egg whites hav most of the protein. no offense to him but he dont got a clue

Answer #6

Umm I’m pretty sure it’s the yolk. Like I have a carton of store brand egg whites and it only has about 5 grams of protein, but an egg(from what I’ve looked up) has around 12-13 grams. I mean the egg yolks have fat and calories, so be careful with that.

Answer #7

Egg whites are almost pure protein. Yolks have some protein but also fat, cholesterol and saturated fats. However yolks are also rich in essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, thiamin and folate. Since most people already get more protein than they can use you should be more concerned about other nutrients. If you eat eggs you should eat the whole egg to cover more nutritional bases. Since they do have saturated fat and cholesterol you shouldn’t eat them 3 meals a day but eggs are nutritious.

Answer #8

Egg whites technically have more protein, but it’s not a significant amount that you must throw away the yolk. Generally, one large egg will have 6g of protein - broken down that is 4g/white and 2g/yolk.

It is IMPORTANT to eat the yolk because of five reasons: 1)The yolk has the MOST BCAA content in it. Stuff that helps preserve/build muscle. 2)Yolks have high levels of HDL(good) cholesterol that helps metabolism and blood flow. 3)Yolks have 9x the calcium than the egg whites. 19x the Folate amount (B Vitamin, essential for pregnant women and muscle growth). 4)Egg yolks have 6x less sodium than the whites do. 5)Saturated fat helps increase testosterone levels which in turn causes insulin spikes and increases metabolism. Of course, only in small amounts.

It’s okay if you eat 12+ eggs a day, nothing will happen to you other than your typical fart storm. As I said before, the cholesterol in eggs is good for you, and studies shown that HDL levels that are high actually helps lower LDL levels to prevent blood clots and heart disease.

Answer #9

The whites have more protein but the yellow is also healthy and very yummy!!! Just try to eat free range eggs!

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