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Why cant she kiss good?

Ok I have his chick I know and she likes me but I guess shes ok but she cant kiss and she knows it but what can I do to get her to kiss better? And how do I make her be less scared of d*ck? For some reason she is scared to f*ck!

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What's the next move after a French kiss?

I really like this girl and she likes me. we are both virgins but this is my first relationship and her 6th relationship. I mad the first move witih a hug, she made the next move with a kiss, then she made the next move with a french kiss. I want to ma...

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Never been kissed

I've never been kissed before .. But I have had a boyfriend but I broke up with him before anything really happend... I really don't know how to kiss but probably just a peak but no tongue action .. But I really want to .. How do you kiss? I don't wann...

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What do I do he kissed his ex

I found out when me n my bf were on a break he kissed his ex. I found this out from his ex who wants to get him back and then I found out from him after confronting him. Now I have trust issues and don't know what to do so would appreciate if someone c...


How to get my boyfriend to kiss me ?

we pull everytime we see each other and we pull for goodbye but I want him to kiss me like every 20 mins or something :L
I just want to make him really horny so he will wont more and pull me for it ?

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Do youu like to be kissed on the forehead and when?

okay well do all girls like to be kissed on the forehead?
my mate michael asked me today and I said yes butt I thought id just ask yous soo do youu? and when do youu like it?

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How to kiss...?

Okayy.So,im 14;and unfortunately,I've nvr kissed a guy.iWas really close 2,but iGot 2 nervous.Any pointers/tips??

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How to kiss?

ok so I reallly want to know if I'm good at making out, but I'm to shyy to ask the guy...what do I do??
pluss I alwayss thought that if you kissed a guy it was either frenchhh or just a there something in between??


why do I feel im going to kiss bad or wrong?

Hi im 13 and I gou out with this girl. I want to kiss her but I think im going to stuff up and leave a bad 1st do I gain my confidence?


Why havent I had my first Kiss?

Is there such thing as late bloomers in life? You see, I haven had my first kiss and all my friends have (I'm 13 by the way). They all have bigger boobs than me, and they are just much more devloped in puberty. Is that the reason I havent had my first ...


Did he like it that we kissed his cheek?

Ok, well I kissed my ex-boyfriend on the cheek with my best friend. We told him to close his eyes we counted to three and we kissed him. He smiled but was really nervous afterward. Did he like it,or not?


Tongue Piercing & Kissing

whats it like kising somone with a tongue peircing?
I want mine done but dont wan tot put people of lol

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when do I know if its the right time to kiss him ...?

Well im not sure when ...

because before when I was over his house we kept looking into each others eyes but I was to freaked to do it ... do you think thats the right time or ...

advice please ...?


Kissing, Hugging, Looking Problem.!

Dude, my girlfriend`s taller then me... shes like 5`10 and im 5`2 1/2... will this work out.? because I aint gettn no taller.!

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When should I kiss her???

I'm 13 years old and I'm dating a 13 year old girl. We have been going out for about a year now and we haven't kiss. I really want to kiss her and I think she wants to kiss me too but I don't know if I should. I'm scared I'll make a wrong move. I need ...


Kissed the same guy twice but just friends!

I kissed this guy on August 22nd then we kissed again on the 5th of Sept. We are just friends and all we have done is kiss and hugged. I can and can not see myself with him. I dunno what to do? I do not want to lead him on thinking I will go out with h...


How to kiss a guy for the first time?

Well I'm 14 and he's 16, so he's obviously already french kissed and such, and I asked him what kind of kiss he was expecting, and he said french.
And I haven't had my first kiss yet.
I'm so nervous. But I really like him.


What to do for my first kiss?

ok so kinda lame but im gonna have my first kiss. im kinda nervous because I dont want this guy to think im an amature. am I worrying for nothing? what can go wrong? let me know :)

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What stage of my relationship should I have my 1st kiss and where?

Im 14, female and wanna know when in my relationship with my current boyfriend is the best time for our first kiss? Where would the best place be for our date? Help me please? Thankyou :)

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When should I kiss her?

Alright I asked this girl to homecoming (HC is on october 13). We've hung out a lot since I asked her. Mostly with friends though. A couple of times when it was just us. Should I kiss her before homecoming, the night of, or after?

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First kiss?

Heyy :)

so when did all of you have your first kiss? I'm 14 and I haven't yet, am I one of the only people? It's not that guys don't like me, I just haven't met a guy that takes me seriously enough to actually go out with me. um..opinions?


How do i kiss my boyfriend for the very first time?

right so my boyfriend(name changed to protect his identity) Nathan, and I have talked about it before so I know he wants to and so do I, but I don't know how. I want it to be special because im his first girlfriend and it'll be his first kiss so... hel...


How do you force a kiss ??

We wer playing a really interesting game of dare... And I ended up french kissing my guy friend, and he said "try not 2 force it as much"... He was nice when he said it ... But I have no clue what he means :/


Kissing..what to say what to say:)

Wats a good way to kiss her. Ahaha I don't mean like ways to kiss her

More like things to say to get her ina romantic mood or to say before you kissahaha besides the whole I l;uv you thing:p:p:p


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He never kisses me

My boyfriend never ever kisses me or hugs me. Sure, he'll kiss back or hug back if I do it to him, but its ALWAYS me starting. Could this mean something? He is kinda shy but I thought he would be ok with that kinda thing. Any suggestions???


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