Who is the type of person who can't hold a long relationship at all?

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Answer #2

One who is afraid of or doesn’t want commitment

Answer #3

me, ive been in a lot of relashionships but it was like a million short term ones i couldnt have a long relashionship if my life depended on it , like, thing would be fine at fist but there is always something that goes wrong and ruins the whole thing for every relashionship ive been in. it sucks

Answer #4

yea i know alot of boys and girls who cant hold one for more then a month or so lol =)

Answer #5

One that can’t have a relationship or be in a commitment. You want to know what type of person that is. He’s afraid to belong. It’s as simple as that. It will be on all his or her dynamics. Work, relationships, groups, any kind of relationship where he has to put out responsibility to. That person has an underlying fear of being hurt. He or she was hurt at sometime in their life that made them that way. The bad part of it is if he or she can’t control they would rather disconnect from that relationship. It’s based on fear and not knowing how to handle.

Answer #6

A lot of my freinds that are girls tell me who they are dating recently. I asked one of them why they always break it off and she said something about her not likeing the whole feeling of it, because it kind of made her feel like she had no freedom or something.

Answer #7

Me, and i hate it. I can if my boyfriend is not too clingy and isn’t so perfect. I hate being told im perfect because then it gets overwhelming, and i get treated older than i am because my boyfriend is two years older. I really really wish i could stay in a long term relationship but I get mixed feelings all the time, which i suppose is part of growing up. I think eventually everyone will get used to the idea if they want to get married e.t.c but being so young i really don’t see what the rush is with long term relationships.

Answer #8

Hmmm…my boyfriend told me that there used to be a streak with his girlfriends in the past that around the third month mark they’d break up. I kinda forgot what he said about why, I guess they grew apart or whatever. Well, his last girlfriend broke that for him at two years (although there’s a story behind it that makes it go down the toilet - literally) and I’m broke the three month thing for sure as well, goin’ on eleven months and counting :)

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i can, im only 14 but ive gone out with a guy for 8 months with no cheating and another guy thr whole summer with no cheating, and a girl for 11 months so i guess it depends on how strongly you feel for the other person and how commited you want to be with them

Answer #11

People who can’t commit to another person. Which isn’t me, at all.

Answer #12

Indecisive people

Answer #13

now a day long term realationships dont last beacuse most guys cheat to be quite honest so you have to try and find the one but it is well hard lol :)

Answer #14

jenifer aniston:)

Answer #15

this is a good answer. I would look at the persons relationship with his/her parents. What is their parents relationship like. What are the relationships between friends. It does not mean that they will never be ready for a relationship. But it will be a lot of work for their trust to built up to it. If they ever want that.

Answer #16

Me lol

Answer #17

Yes, that is right. When I meant dynamics I included the parents as part of it. And yes, one can see what their parents is doing or have done, as well as their friends, and make a change. I did. Because of that I am close to my children.

Answer #18

exactly. me too. :)

Answer #19

not me… im in it for the long run :)

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