How can i wish my crush a happy birthday without making it obvious that i like him?

(btw its going to go on facebook. I want it to be different than all the other happy birthday message i say to my other friends but i dont want it to be totally noticeable)

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Why not just let him know you like him? Guys like confidence. Just wish him the happiest birthday you feel like wishing him.

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Perhaps you could just say happy birthday, and include some sort of sweet quote that you like.

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Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.
:-P it's my Favourite.
If you want it to be serious, then include a small quote as Angelee said. I think it'd be cute :)

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Just say happ birthday and wish him the best and put little symbols around it...

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just be like hey hottie its yo birthday...u no what that meens? im gunna strap on a dildo and ram u in the butt...then im gunna have u eat my pubic hair off of my blue waffle infested v@gina...

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Just tell him happy birthday; I really doubt that would alert him or anything. But if you're not sure you could always nonchalantly post in on his facebook wall with everyone else.

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by just saying it, everyone will be saying happy birthday too, so it wont seem weird

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hugging him shows that you care about him but doesnt show that you really like him

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Saying happy birthday isn't showing that you like them..sorry to break it too you.

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You could say:
Hey, I heard it was your birthday today. Happy birthday! Have a good one.

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if hes single...why not show him you like him?...make him some cupcakes or something for his birthday ......i truely belive that the quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach ;]

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Just acted all chilled out . Don't show your stressed out , don't pause , don't look away and it should work out with just a slow confident stand giving a friendly smile . If you don't want her to understand that you've being waiting for this moment say something like ' I've heard your birthday is coming or it is your birthday . Hope I've helped

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Use the word "dude" it works with me! Just be normal and say" Hey dude happy birthday." Like that! :D It works 4 me! :D

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HAHA! Oh I like this 1! :D

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dont make too big a deal out of it... act as you would on anyone elses birthday

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