What could be some of the reasons my boyfriend wants me to gain weight?

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guess u r too skinny or he might just like healthier bodies.but if u dnt want ti change or like the way u r,u dnt need to do it i think :)

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He sees that you might he too thin, he might be worried about this, meaby he just want you to be healthier?
Bt to tell you the truth the choice is up to you, are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirrow everday? Do you feel fine the way you are? If you do, then there is no reason to change, let him know this, tell him you like how you are, he should accept this as well beacause this is about your body not his.
As long as youf eating right and getting all that you need to stay healthy there is nothing wrong with being thin.

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i did watch a documentary the once about men that loved obese women and they would feed them and make them deliberately gain weight. i think a few were charged with some type of assault in the end.

if he doesnt like you for you are and how your built then.......................................... well your smart and will know whats next. dont change for anyone.

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I guess he would like to see you a little rounder or softer than you are now.

I wonder what your current weight is. If you are thin to an unhealthy degree he may be worried about your health; otherwise he probably just likes the look of plumper girls.

You shouldn't loose or gain weight for your partner. If someone needs to loose or gain in order to be a healthy weight you should be doing it for yourself; if your guy expects you to change your appearance for him how much is he really into you?

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are you like boney? do do you have at least some kind of meat to your skin or thickness? just eat alot. idk i think thats the only way to gain weight.

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he said he wanted me to gain weight, then lose it tho.. so im a little confused

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Umm well you don't have to answer this but are you two having sex? Cause right now there might not be too much to hold on to if your too skinny but if you put on some pounds and then lose it you would probably get some love handles(sorry if this is too much info but most guys,myself included like something to hold onto). But I can't speak for the guy so just ask him and see what he says.

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mybe he liked round girls or you like really skinny

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Maybe he has a thing for larger women. Have you also noticed him checking out the large cafeteria worker when he's getting his lunch?

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no no, he isnt into that..also.. my cafeteria workers a dude..

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ohhhhhh even worse. I hate to be the one to break this to you but your boyfriend is gay.

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Maybe in his opinion you are under weight, or he likes bigger girls. I am not saying he wants you to be fat, but maybe more curvey. My boyfriend is the same way, every time i am with him he wants me to eat, and tells me i am to skinny. If you want to stay the way you are, sit him down, and tell him face to face i like my body just they way it is, and if you care about me you wont try to change me.

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Ooo maybe he's one of those feeders. You may be a little underweight and he just wants you to be healthy. But if he starts offering you like cake and more cake then beware. ;]

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He probably thinks your under weight maybe and wanting you to gain a little more weight!! But if you like the way you are I don`t think you should change. As long as your healthy!

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LMFAO yea... i HIGHLY DOUBT that hes gay.. lmfao

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mabey he thinks if your bigger your boobs will be bigger but i think he should like you the way you are plus if thats the case it might not work, you cant always control where your weight goes, or mabey he is concerned about your health

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he likes fater girls or hes cheating on u with a fater girl and feels bad about and wants to end it with the other girl but stay with u and get u fater

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Well maybe because they way he likes women. Some like them skinny bitty, some like them with some meat on their bones. you know so they can have a 'figure' to look at every now and then (:

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Well maybe because they way he likes women. Some like them skinny bitty, some like them with some meat on their bones. you know so they can have a 'figure' to look at every now and then (:

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no lol if u lose ur weight .. coz after that so many boys dead on you ...

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means they love with u :D

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My boyfriedn wanted me to put on extra weight because he was attracted to bigger women. He like them to be about 5 feet tall to 5 foot 3 and likes women that height to be over 160 pounds. I felt he was my sould mate and that we'd be together forever. And I put on the weight. But after 4 years we broke up. I's struggling with the weight. I think its a fettish. Also, my boyfriend felt that overweight women had more cushion to hold on too and bounce off when being intimate. Also, it reduced the competition because not many men wanted a larger woman. He alsways told me that he wasn't competetive and if you hear that from your dude, take it as a warning. The bottome line is that there may be a number of reasons he wants to see a few pounds on you, not just one reason. The bottome line is that all of the reasons are about him, not you. There's nothiing wrong with you. It's his wish, his vision, his wants and the thing driving his wants and wishes is him and his experiences, upbringing and learned ideas about what is beautiful and pleasing... BTW whay did he say when you asked him why he wanted you to gain weight?

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i figured out why. nd he wanted me to gain weight then lose it. so my boobs wuld be bigger. lol

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He's weird.

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If he can't let you be the way you feel good about yourself, you'll have problems with him in the future. Is he looking for what his ideal woman is, or letting you create you? Just know this if you have to please his ideal idea, your relationship will crash. Unless you like what others want you to do.

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it could be because he doesnt want anyone else looking at u

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to go with what you said Morgan ^
Gaining weight with increase the size of your boobs yes, with stretch marks. Then when you lose it again you will have stretch marks and flappy boobs. That happened to a friend of mine.

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weve been together coming up on 3 years now.. i rly dont think thats it.

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