What kind of club or something can I get involved in to make friends?

Im fourteen and a girly girl..i love pink things and just nothing sporty..

Answer #1

Art Club :)

Answer #2

art club, 4-H, Girl Scouts, ect. you can go to your comunity center, or your school counselor they will both have great advice on what clubs are available.

Answer #3

4H- They have projects you can do anything. If there isn’t a category; it can go under Do Your Own Thing. It’s a great group of people, and you can get involved in the community.

Answer #4

Guides its like brownies but an teen one, dancing (modern,tap,ballet,street), swimming?

Answer #5

theres so many but should try something u really like cause then u can meet people who like the same stuff u do , perfect match:))

Answer #6

clubs at school; they have alottt christian group, trainer, key club, debate there’s alott of clubs you can get into and make friends.

Answer #7

i would join drama. i have lots of friends now because of that. and its probably the best decision i’ve made. you can also get involved with the gsa (gay, straight, alliance)

Answer #8

You don’t need a club. Just go out and meet some new people. It’s not that hard, don’t be shy.

Answer #9

Pick a club of what you are interested in. As stated above, 4H is kind of a jack of all trades, girl scouts is also a fun thing, you could do like a drama, art, choir, christian clubs, power of pen, writing, speech. Check into your school and see what they have or even a community center close to you. Think about what your likes are after you compile a list of clubs. :)

Answer #10

what if your homeschooled? :l

Answer #11

are you homeschooled? i know many homeschooled families! Do you know any at all? Maybe you should have your mom or you look into that. in all at our church there are about 30 homeschooled kids.

Church activities. Try out a youth group. I know for sure that you could do girl scouts or 4H still. If there is a community center as well.

But seriously. Look into your community and see if there are homeschoolers around you! Chances are there is and they may have an established op program. Which is music lessons, or a gym theme, or they do plays, or arts.

Answer #12

Yes i am…I don’t know if we have 4H…i have never heard of that..here in new jersey..what is it?

Answer #13

4H is a club for youth. Helps you meet new people and set goals for life. it’s a team of youth your age that does projects together. A great way to meet people and make good friends. New Jersey does have 4H. www . nj4h.rutgers. edu/programs/ without the spaces. 4H started with youth with animals, but has expanded to so much more. check it out!

Answer #14

Marching band its kinda geeky but I do guard with them and its soooo fun

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