How do you kiss awesomly?

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Theres not really a way to kiss "awesomly" when you kiss, you relax and let it happen, nothing more.

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Look into each others eyes intensely before you do. They say eyes are the window to the soul. You can read each others feelings and emotions. Smile to assure your partner that you want the kiss then slowly move in. Moving in too fast cam be kind of awkward. Make sure your in a comfortable position before you do though. Touch your partners face to show affection. The kiss just comes naturally. Just make sure your lips are relaxed and not dry. Dry lips can ruin the moment. Before going out, just put on some balm. Some people feel that if they close their eyes while kissing, it's all the more passionate too. :)

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This may help you:

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just relax cuz if u don't they might get a bad impression so just be cool....<3

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aslong as you like the person, it'll be awesome, and relax and go with the flow :)

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I think sexy or alluring thoughts i.e "what would megan fox do?" lol also touching their face&neck or even putting ur hand on the back of their neck, kinda pulling them in helps the mood... if ur kissing a guy, slidding ur hands down to his chest while kissing always helps. sucking lightly on their bottem lip, long slightly hard kisses, just brushing ur lip against theirs from bottem to top are somethings u can do, but its best to play around to get a technique... evn if its weird they might like it but make sure to ask later that night if ur dating them, but if not then dnt... leave them questioning... (my bf likes when i suck on his tounge and when i do the hard kisses)

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lots of tounge

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you have to feel something to, i think its endorphins or something like that that get sent to your brains when your in love and create the euphoria you feel when your in love.

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Just take things slow and relax like the answer above. Be honest and say what works and what doesn't when you are kissing someone and ask them to do the same. Also it will differ from person to person so what works with one may not work with another. Don't go straight in with your tongue but rather start lightly and enjoy the sensation instead of worrying as that will lead to tension and play on your mind. Hope this helps :)

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dam i suck, brains wtf, i sound like a zombie. i meant brain

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The only bad kissing is - Your face comes away wet (ugh), teeth crunch together, and the ever terrible you almost swallowed your partners tounge it was in there so far.

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hmm: kiss awesomely haha. well if you are a 'beginner' just start off with a slow movement. relax your lips and let your mind take over. those things are second nature. they happen on their own. if you have kissed for a long time now and are not new at it, try to shake it up a bit. try getting a peppermint and play keep away from eachother(:, i know to some people it mind sound odd? but its lots of fun and im sure the opposite sex will enjoy it just as much as you(: also try an ice cube it'll cool things down and its also another fun game to play. best of luck!

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everybody is diffferent :)

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Have alittle fun with your kisses,
1. Start the kiss gentally following the movments of the other's lips
2. If your a girl put your hands around the guys next (if your a guy around her waist)
3. Gentally suck or nibble on their buttom lip
6. Around this time they should french kiss you, let them
5. Go back to a regular kiss and is you'd like to continute, slowly move down to their neck with a few gentle sucks every now and then

I'm not helping past there

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Oh, I know! Ok... if you are a boy, wait until a situation presents itself... You'll know, usually there is eye contact and a very awkward but exciting silence... maybe you could lift her chin so that you have easy access to her lips... and ever so slowly move your mouth toward hers... and gently place your lips on hers... NEVER start with tongue, or with an extreme open mouth. It should be sensual. And then progressing only depending on her response. First kisses should never involve tongue or agressive behavior. In fact less is more. Girls, leave your mouth still, lips slightly apart. And wait for him to kiss you... slower is sensual, and more exciting. First crushes can be scary ... so take it slow... You'll be glad you did!

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