Why am I afraid of my ex getting his girlfriend pregnant?

why do i alway worry about if my ex boyfriends new girlfriend gets pregnant but they say they dont want that now tho? Why do i alway feel sick just thinkin about it?

Answer #1

You could still be in love with him and hope ya’ll get back together. A baby would more than likely ruin those chances. Or it could be a jealousy thing, I would be the same way if my boyfriend broke up with me and was with someone else and had a baby with her.

Answer #2

I was mad when my ex left me, got his new girlfriend pregnant, n we been trying for a year. I will be afraid to, its the worst feeling.

Answer #3

i was tryin wit him then he randomly changed his mind now he say he dont want that til he older and she say the same think sayin she want to hav a good education a life and a career before thinkin bout that tho i dunno wat i be like if that happens but i kinda wouldnt no if it did unless she puts scan pics as her profile pic on fb tho

Answer #4

maybe you wish he will come back for you again one day because you still in love with him;or maybe its just an Ego of a female considered to possess this guy for the end of this life

Answer #5

You are worried for him, therefore you still care for him. Are you guys still friends? or nothing at all.

Answer #6

You are worried for him, therefore you still care for him. Are you guys still friends? or nothing at all.

Answer #7

well he wanted to be friends when we first split bt wen he got wit her he didnt want to talk to me and now want nothin to do wit me cos he was fine wit me before bt now he horrible to me i think it tat girl tellin him nt to talk to me cos she think i gonna try get wit him wen i see him wen i cant help if i see him cos i no his family tho

Answer #8

Well dear, I don’t think you are afraid of him getting his new girlfriend pregnant as much as you are hung up on him…. I know you’ve been hearing this a lot (and not just from other’s responses)

Anyways, I don’t know if you have a new boyfriend or not but I think you are jealous that he has moved on….. You are worried that if she gets pregnant and he’s the father then they are stuck with each other forever. You don’t want that…. I take it you don’t even want them together. Anyways, I say be apathetic (I know its easier said than done). If you’re worried about it, then I’d say leave him alone and stop worrying about him (if you haven’t already). This is the 21 century and he knows that the consequences of his actions…. so if she gets pregnant you can’t care because it will only hurt you. You may say that you are just concerned for him and that you care….. but I doubt that is all true, you secretly want him back to some extent or just want him not to have moved on leaving you still hooked on him.

I’m not trying to nag on ya, but all I got to say is leave him alone and be apathetic towards him. It’ll be better for you if they were to get pregnant and you won’t care.

Answer #9

That normal almost all girls still care for their ex, some ppl would say that is sexist but… It proven women are naive, but you have to forget about him and continue your life.

Answer #10

You more than likely still have feelings for him, or have hopes of getting back with him in the future. I would try and move on. Its hard not to think about it and like i have had an ex boyfriend to get another girl pregnant…its really hard but that was his choice…just remember if he truley cares he wont do anything like that too you!!

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