What can I do if I think my friend stole my iPod ?

Okay So On Wednesday My Friend Came Over And We Kicked In My Room, We Watched tv And Talked, And He Brought His iTouch And I Had Mine, And I Layed My iTouch On My Bed And Then When HE Left It Wasnt There, :/ I Texted Him If He Took It By Accident And He Said No. So I Looked For It Alllll Over My Room. And I Couldnt Find It. :( I Spend All Night Looking For It And Nothing I Moved My Bed, Furniture Everything. I Spend 3 Night Like This, Sleepless ! And Worried. And Its Been Missing Since Then I Even Told Him To Swear On His Family And He Did. :( I Have No IDea What To Do Anymore :( Can Someone Please Help Me What Should I Do, OR Tell Him. I Want To Report It Stolen But Then I Dont Wanna Be To Mest Up :/ Can Someone Help Me PLease :”(

Answer #1

In all honesty, if he wont admit to it there isnt much you can do. You can try asking him again, tell him if he will just tell you the truth and return it then you wont be mad. If he still denies it - oh well. You can report it stolen….but without any proof or evidence cops arent going to go into a boys room searching for an ipod. This is one of those things were you just take a loss and learn a lesson - choose your friends better and watch who you trust.

Answer #2

I would ask your parents what to do…and this friend might not be telling the truth and maybe not care about his family..he maybe took yours because he is jealous..but sadly you will most likely not get it back..i’ve had stuff like this happen to me alot..but i would not trust this person..in my home..i mean it is a tough situation…i guess going on your instincts is best..and reaching out to family or other friends is best..see what they think..

Answer #3

Your friend may not be telling the truth but you definately shouldnt go and accuse him of it. If you had a chance to look at his and are able to identify it positively as yours then id take it back. It could just be hiding from you and will turn up in a day or two.

Answer #4

if he did it at school and you think it may be there you could tell teacher or principal as well as all the other advice above.

Answer #5

Nothing really, I guess your best bet is to drop the friendship if you really know for sure he did. You don’t want a friend around who will steal your stuff, that just proves his lack of honesty and friendship he has towards you. I don’t think when you report it stolen much is going to be done it, because you don’t have real evidence he stole it. Just move on and forget about him, if he won’t say he did it and be honest then its all that can he done.

Answer #6

He obviously is not a real friend if he’s doing that crap. Happened to me last year though, I let a “friend” borrow my iPod and she stole it and acted like she didn’t. I ended up having to get a new one and now I don’t let barely anybody borrow my sh!t. If they think I’m mean because of it, oh well. I have a hard time even lettin’ my boyfriend borrow it (even thouh it’s barely ever happened ‘cause he has his own) and he’s the one I trust most. That’s just how it is …

Answer #7

Stay Over at his house and when he leaves his room search all over for it! Or you could tell his parents to look??

Answer #8

Beat his ass

Answer #9

My friend stole my mom’s iPod at a sleepover. If you hangout with this ‘friend’ you can simple ask to listen to some songs but in the midst check the serial # on the back. If you still have the box your iPod came in or you can also check on your itunes account if you registered your iPod, check to see if the serial #’s match. This is the best and most accurate way to find out if that is actually your iPod.

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