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What do I do if my girlfriend was attacked, or worse - raped?

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My girl and i were at a party about 2 days ago and about half way through the night i lost her and i couldn't find her. I didn't think much at first because i thought she had just gone off with her girlfriends. But about an hour or so went by and her friends had came back but she was still gone. So i started to worry and went looking for her, and 2 and a half hours later I got a call from her saying she was at home, that she got a taxi and went home. So i went home straight away and when i saw her my stomached just dropped! She had a bruised eye and a cut lip. I asked her about it and she said she walked into the door at the party so she went home. But the next day i noticed that she couldn't move properly, she eventually told me she had some sore ribs from walking into the door.

My girl is suffering from anorexia and she isn't well. Her bones are very brittle and her body is weak.


I am worried something bad happened to her at the party. I am scared someone hurt her or worse! She is acting very weird around me and she couldnt have hurt herself that badly from walking into a door!

I asked her about it and she said thats all that happened, she ran into the door!
I am so worried about her and i dont know what to do.